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almost there - Amy Schmamy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
amy kasio

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almost there [Jun. 23rd, 2005|08:47 pm]
amy kasio
[Current Music |kraftwerk]

I decided to go late into work today so I could go look at my car and get out all my stuff, little did I know that when someone steals your car and the police impound it you are no longer allowed to get any of your belongings out of the car unless you can afford to pay the impound charges. I found out I owe $138 to get it out with an additional $12 per day that it sits there. There was no other damages aside from the lock and stripped steering wheel column. The bad news is they stole every single item out of my car, down to the last scrap of trash and gooey melted junior mints that were in the glove box which I kept putting off on cleaning. Why the hell would anyone do this!? All my pictures and my homies and my cds and my data cd player and adapter were gone. Also my title and registration. The only thing they left was my car seat pillow from my mom (because I am too short without it) and all these white feathers are all over the place, like they attacked a few pillows with knives in my car. My pillow was still intact from what I could see. I have to go get a new copy of my title and registration because I absolutely cannot find mine in the apartment. I know not to keep it in the car! Where is it! My checkbook was gone too.
The key doesn't go in the ignition and it has to be started with pliers so I can get it home. With only 70,000 miles on it (a 94 pontiac sunbird) everyone says it is worth it to get it out and fix. So after much driving and heat and traffic and annoyance and having to pee really bad because of PMS and a bunch of phone calls to auto places this is what I know:
My insurance won't cover a damn cent. I have to pay $148 tomorrow to get my car out. A door lock is $150-$200 to fix and the steering column is anywhere from $220 to $450 at a starting price. After getting ahold of my parents they said they will give it to a guy they know well back in warren who does cars and will do it for a good cheap price that my parents are willing to pay for. Not to mention parts in Warren are like waaaay cheaper than here in Lakewood since it's a small town. My car is good for me and I love it and they don't want to see me without one and have to go through getting a new one again, especially since this one is relatively new.
Oh yeah, there's one more problem that could ruin everything, the car doesn't start. I was pretty low on gas to begin with and I think that's why they ditched it, it ran out. The tank says no gas and I hope once we get some gas into it tomorrow it will start up and all will be well and I will have my baby back with a club this time and possibly an alarm in the near future, if I can afford it. I hope all goes well.
Tomorrow is going to be a huge headache. I have to get a new copy of the title, get a container of gas, go to the impound place and see if it works, take it to De's mom's garage (since I have no lock) and then on Saturday I drive it 75 mins. home to fix. I also need to get a new bank account because I don't have the $33 it costs to cancel the checks that were in my car. I always hated charter one anyhow so it's a reason to go somewhere else now. I was going to use my savings to get new glasses, mine are almost 3yrs old and I can't even see without blurs around everything because they are so scratched. I had this huge savings and spent like $150 on junk and eating out because I never have the amount I have along with what's in the bank. Just sitting there with nothing to do with it but save for...? Save for something that comes up in the future.
Ever since I moved to lakewood it's like impossible to have a car and not spend all my money on it, with the insurance and the gas cost and any breaking down with noone to fix it here, the way they tow your car and give tickets is like breathing air and I've had both. It seems like this city doesn't want anyone to have a car. It's so sickening to me.