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testing this baby out [Jun. 29th, 2005|11:38 am]
amy kasio
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I am on De's brand new dell computer because it has a 17 inch flat screen slim monitor. I am SO jealous. My fabulous computer now feels like a dinosaur. I must upgrade to one of these slim monitors when I get the chance because they take up 90% less space. The low grade speakers she picked are also better than any others we have ever had. Surround sound with a massive sub woofer (with bass control). Not to mention she has 140GB of space. And hers is so quiet, mine has been on so long that it makes a very high pitched sound, something needs replaced, maybe the fan? I don't know. If you know, let me know because it's really annoying. It happened to my last computer too from having it on all the time. This is all amazing, so amazing that I don't want to use mine anymore. Especially since being in the bedroom feels like a dark dungeon and being out here in the living room is spacious and sunny. That whore also got a DellJukebox with 30 GB of space! I am super jealous! She didn't think it was going to be enough space but after going through almost all her cds and using like 5 GB of space she feels like it's enough. At first she didn't think it would be. Oh how fun it is to play with. It's like an Ipod, if you don't know.

I know after that paragraph it doesn't sound like it, but De has most of her bills paid off and I am very proud of her! Since we moved out she has had bill after bill like digital camera, old bed and computer, cell phone, taxes, etc, those kinds of bills and she she has nothing left but her credit card (which was half used on fixing her car) and her new computer and jukebox are on the same bill, not 2 seperate huge bills, which I fully give my blessing to having, at least the computer part. Computers are a neccesity of our lives! And I am a stingy bastard and want one all to myself! For those who don't know, hers broke about 7 weeks ago, it was a sucky HP computer anyhow. Who are they? Pshaw.
So financial life for De looks cleared up and very good. I won't let her buy anything under contract or credit again! She has a shopping problem so I have to help her. She wants my help. She can finally start saving with me (once I get this dentist bill and school loans under control) and we can leeeeeave!

Car update - I found my title in the spot that I thought it should be, it was in an envelope that I kept passing over. De's mom followed me to Warren, to my parents house where they are going to take care of it because they are great. Getting the locks fixed (they ended up trashing both sides locks) would cost me $150 per door, and steering column $220 is only going to cost $12 per lock, $40 steering column $70 labor in Warren. See, everything is so much cheaper there. If I still lived there I would be rich and breathing fresh air.
Chicago here we come!
While we were there my mom asks me if I need anything, like money for groceries and such and I always uncomfortably decline because they give me so much already. I just can't bring myself to take even more and feel even worse. I was on my way to almost maybe saying yes but maybe saying no when De burst out saying we never ever have groceries and my meal that day consisted of a toasted cheese sandwich (and it was 10:00 at night by then) and so I got all embarrassed and said ok...and my mom gave me way more money than I expected to I could buy food. And I bought groceries. I have food now :) I didn't have to eat from any of the fast food dollar menus. This is why poor people are unhealthy and fat. We can't afford to cook but we can scrounge up $$2-3 for a meal at some super unhealthy establishment. At least I know now that at Chipoltle's I can can a "burrito" packed with rice and cheese and sour cream for $2 rather than $6. I hate beans and I hate their meat.
I should have my car back sometime soon. They are going to bring it to me this week or next.

Oh, after dropping off my car de and her mom and I went to Perkins to eat before heading back home and I kept saying I hope I don't see anyone that knows me and as soon as I walk in who so I see? My ex b/f from when I was 15 or 16, 10th or 11th grade. I won't say who he is because I am embarrassed that I even was with him. At least I didn't do sex with him and it lasted a couple months. Mostly I let him talk so much because he was friends with the current girl I was in love with and trying to get to. I would listen to him talk about their walk to school and such and violins would play. I dumped him and asked her out shortly. She said yes. But that was short lived. And thinking about it now, she is the kind of person I probably not want to be friends with now. As were 99% of people in my high school.
Back to the ex b/f, I turned in the other direction and he did not see me, for ever if he had he would not recognized me. I look completely different and much cuter. Back then I had long poofy hair and huge glasses, wearing band t-shirts that were L and XL because "I didn't want them to be too small" even though I could have worn youth smalls, which I do now. I also had tapered jeans that were slit up the side in an attempt to untaper them. I hate jeans shopping more than anything. I think jeans were at this awkward stage where they were shifting from tapered into what they are now. Every style under the rainbow. I now heart jeans shopping with De and have discovered that super low cut jeans fit normal on me because I have such a short torso. They make De slap my ass alot too.

I wanted to talk about age but I never got around to it, so I'll slip it in here. I recently turned 25 and I can now say "10 years ago I was doing..." because that is when I became a teenager and started to have my own life aside from family, at age 15. First real best friends and dating and all that junk. Like at Perkins I could say, 10 years ago I dated that boy. It's really freaky and scary to me to be able to say that. Such a clean number. A decade even. I feel like I am very old when I can say that kind of stuff. I think I am not going to say it anymore. I only kept saying it out of disbelief. "Can I really keep saying this? and it's TRUE?" Besides, Nobody thinks I am over the ages of 16-18. And I don't dress like an adult or whatever. I'm not a mom and I don't have a job where I have to look mature. So I will keep wearing my fitting black bat girl shirt.

That reminds me, I have taken up building model cars. De thinks it's cute and does it too. I am almost done with my first, with is a 78' corvette (I love muscle and sports cars and hate adult, old people looking cars)black and gray with a hood that pops up to show off my engine. Painting it is my favorite part because I get really stressed out with the gluing everything together. 1 out of 10 pieces will get glued backwards and not fit while I freak out for half an hour about the piece not fitting right and toss it away for de to look at to which she'll say "honey, it's backwards, it goes this way". I hate the picture directions, most of the time it is misleading and the arrows don't really mean for the piece to go there exactly as it shows.
I am almost done with my second car, the batmobile. It was SO cute I had to have it. I didn't paint it because it's already black, why should I paint it black when it already is?
My third model is a P-61 black widow war plane. It's super cute and I can't wait to start it. It has over 140 pieces so it's going to be a huge challenge. But I can't wait. I don't want to do anymore "regular" cars because I feel like once I have done one I have done them all. It now has to be different. Like the batmobile, or a firetruck would be fabulous. We lucked out and have a hobby shop here in Lakewood that is AMAZING. They have walls and walls of everything you can possibly build along with walls of paints. It's unbelievable. We need to put up a shelf or something to hold all of our models because we just don;t have flat surfaces around that are not already being used. The people into this hobby are hardcore! I could build a human skull if I wanted to! De is super customizing her cars with lots of detail, things I don't have the patience for and hers look very good.

That is all.